Loving your new ceramic & porcelain floors in Carson City, NV

Ceramic & porcelain tile flooring can be everything you want and need in a new renovation. From striking good looks to intense performance and durability, they fit well into almost every lifestyle without necessitating a great deal of maintenance, upkeep, or special cleaning procedures. What’s more, they add elegance and sophistication to every space they're installed in, giving you amazing enjoyment in the finished product. If you're looking to create an oasis in your very own home, this a great way to accomplish that.

Tile Outlet not only offers a great selection of flooring for your home, but we also have service providers who can help you pick the perfect match for all your needs. What’s more, we also offer advice for the perfect design of your floor coverings and installation of your chosen product as well. From our showroom in Carson City, NV, we serve the areas of Carson City, NV; Glen Brook, NV; South Lake Tahoe, CA; Gardnerville, NV; Minden, NV; and Village, Nevada. We'd love to have you stop in and share your flooring specifications with us. We’ll be happy to help bring your project to completion

Ceramic & porcelain you can believe in

Most people consider ceramic & porcelain products a viable material for bathrooms, in particular, thanks to their excellent water resistance. For the same reason, they are also a great fit in kitchens, foyers, mud rooms, and laundry rooms. They stand up well to constant moisture and humidity as well as protect against spills and accidents at the same time. With the proper protective coating, they can even be used inside the shower for an excellent look. When it comes to durability, you can thank the extremely hot kiln temperatures for the density found in ceramic & porcelain tile. These products stand up well under high traffic levels, even with children and pets in the home, and keep looking great, year after year. With regular cleaning with just a broom and a mop, you'll find that these floors look new longer than many other floor coverings. The use of area rugs, to catch dirt and debris before they reach your floors, can also help keep them looking like new. Be sure to ask about the necessity of professional installation of ceramic & porcelain. Special tools and a certain amount of expertise is necessary to have a successful installation of these products. Ceramic tile is a simple, yet beautiful flooring choice. It comes straight from the earth and can make an excellent choice for family homes and more. Tile Outlet is bringing the residents of Carson City the best deals on durable flooring and quality installation. Every installer is licensed and insured to work in homes just like yours. Our professionals can provide free, unbiased information on all flooring types, including ceramic tile. We also provide design advice, free estimates, and more. If your goal is to renovate your home without overspending, we can help. There are hundreds of gorgeous flooring products to choose from, all at prices you can afford. Read on to learn why more homeowners are considering ceramic tile for their homes.

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The easy solution

Part of what makes ceramic so appealing is that it is an "easy floor." It requires little stress in terms of installation, maintenance, and overall cost. Most homeowners find that they don't have to worry about their tile flooring on a day to day basis. Families and single homeowners alike can enjoy the great benefits of this floor covering. And with help from our professional installers, you are guaranteed to love the way that your home looks in the end. Here are a few interesting facts about ceramic tile to give you a better idea of what this floor can do for you and your home.

  • Cut cleaning time in half by choosing a hard surface floor covering like ceramic tile. This is one floor that will not quit or break down. It can handle just about any wear factor in the home. It resists stains and will not harbor mold or mildew. Bacteria can be scrubbed away with any household cleaner, because ceramic will not break down under acids. There is no odor to tile. A broom and mop are enough to keep your floors clean. The only exception is areas where the grout may become more quickly soiled. Professional grout cleaning services are suggested in these cases.

  • Make designing easy when you have a neutral base to work with. Many of the ceramic tiles that are naturally colored are mild, soft colors like taupe and white. But colorful glazes can be added to the surface of the tiles to create bright colors and patterns. There are hundreds of style and shape combinations for homeowners to choose from. This floor covering can work for you whether you want a new design or just a complement to the existing design. Prices will vary based on designs, sizes, and the grade of the tile you choose.

  • Go green without sacrificing your style. Ceramic tile is considered a green material because it is made from renewable resources. It is a readily available material that has no harsh chemicals. Its manufacturing process does not significantly add to pollution. Transportation is simple, so there is no additional waste of resources. And best of all, ceramic tile can be recycled in a number of ways. It can be used in new projects as mosaic pieces or ground down to create new tile.

Ceramic is a fascinating and beautiful material. If you are considering purchasing ceramic tile for your home, call Tile Outlet in Carson City to get the best deals on flooring and installation.
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