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Looking for the perfect floor covering? Porcelain tile isn’t just for bathrooms anymore.You can find hundreds of styles and colors at Tile Outlet. All of our floor coverings are available at an affordable price. You can trust that the manufacturers we work with can guarantee the quality of each flooring choice that we offer. Need professional installation in one of the Carson City, south Lake Tahoe, and Truckee areas? You can request installation service at an affordable price. Your installation work will be completed in no time! Every room in your house can be transformed with porcelain tile. From bathrooms to kitchens, this floor covering can work in many environments. Not sure which porcelain tile would fit best with your interior design? Our design advisors are there to help you put a great look together. There is no better way to improve your home than working with our experts!

The smarter choice

What makes porcelain tile such a fine choice for your home? Many will know that it is durable and attractive, but what else can it offer? To answer that question, you should turn to the experts! There are a handful of reasons to choose this material for your floor covering. Here are a few unexpected benefits of choosing porcelain tile for your home:

  • Durability: Porcelain tile is one of the most durable floor coverings that you can buy. Its surface is hardened enough to stand up to constant foot traffic. It doesn’t dent or wear down. Scratches are extremely rare. So are stains. Fire cannot burn it and water does not warp it. This flooring type can be a wonderful option if you have children or pets. Accidents are bound to occur in the household. Having porcelain tile can give you the peace of mind that you need.
  • Easy Care Routine: Are you a homeowner with a busy lifestyle? Porcelain tile could be for you. It doesn’t require sanding or refinishing. It doesn’t need waxing or sealing. All that this material needs is a broom and a mop to keep it clean. It is strong enough to use harsh detergents on. You can even use a steam mop to sanitize it in an eco-friendly way. Spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing!
  • Promotes Health: Allergies can be a big problem, especially in the spring season. Pollen and dust can get caught in carpet fibers. Pet dander can be disturbed as people walk across the floors. Porcelain has a solid surface that does not trap allergens. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria. It also prevents the growth of mold and mildew. All of these factors can cause sickness and trouble breathing. Porcelain tile is a safe material for every room in the home.

Porcelain tile can be perfect for homeowners who want the best combination of ease and style. Interested in a new floor covering to improve your home? Find the best prices on flooring products and installation services at Tile Outlet! We deliver and install floors for homes in the Carson City, South Lake Tahoe, and Truckee areas. Learn more about what we can do for your home at our website. Call (775) 434-1839 to speak with a consultant!

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