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Great Information Concerning Natural Stone Flooring

Nature stone is a very popular floor covering with a lifespan that outdoes almost every other flooring material. Since it is 100% natural one of its characteristics is that it stands up well to the elements, manmade or otherwise. With proper installation, care, and upkeep, these floors are some of the most durable on the market as well. With a great ability to withstand some of the highest traffic levels, you can rest assured these floors will be around for a while.

Tile Outlet has a showroom in Carson City, NV from where we serve the communities of Carson City, NV; Glen Brook, NV; South Lake Tahoe, CA; Gardnerville, NV; Minden, NV; and Village, Nevada. Come by and see us to have a look at our selection of floor coverings and products and experience what a truly dedicated flooring staff can mean for your own flooring experience. We offer designing advice, installation services, and licensed and bonded repair contractors. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you soon.

Natural Stone Facts You Need To Know

Natural stone is an amazing material for flooring your home for a variety of reasons. Since it is found naturally in the earth, it’s very durable and withstands the elements with ease. Even softer stone is made suitable for flooring with just a bit of preparation. Since some of these products stain easier than others, you might need to have them sealed to cover pores. This makes it easier to clean them while at the same time, making them harder to stain.

With a great variety of stone types available, it’s important to remember that each one has its own set of characteristics. Because of this, you might find one stone perfect for the kitchen, while another works better in bedrooms and studies. Granite, for instance, is an excellent choice for kitchens, in both flooring and countertops, as it is least likely to soak up moisture, stain, or harbor any kind of bacteria. Slate is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use, as it stands up well under drastic temperature changes with no negative effects.

Natural stone is an interesting material for your floors in that no two pieces are ever exactly the same. You’ll note different markings, veining and color variations that make each one its own unique piece. This means whichever stone you choose, it will be completely exclusive to your home.

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