Slab granite


What you need to know about slab granite

There are lots of reasons to go with slab granite when choosing your flooring. There are few materials more durable, stain-resistant, moisture resistant, and easy to care for, and that’s only a good starting place. These floors are also becoming more popular among discerning homeowners, and trends show that it’s expected to hang around for a while. Whatever your list of requirements for home flooring, it’s like this material can accomplish all your checkpoints and then some. Be sure you stick around to find out more.

Tile Outlet offers our customers more than 15 years of experience in the flooring business and a wide variety of floor coverings and services from which you can choose. One of the area’s most trusted sources of both natural and man-man stone flooring, we also offer professional installation of these products, as well as licensed and bonded repair contractors as well. From our showroom in Carson City, NV, we serve the areas of Carson City, NV; Glen Brook, NV; South Lake Tahoe, CA; Gardnerville, NV; Minden, NV; and Incline Village, Nevada. We hope you’ll consider visiting us so that we can assist in all your flooring needs today.

Facts about slab granite

Granite is known to be one of the most durable stones available for flooring. Not only is it resistant to stains, moisture, spills, and mildew growth, it’s also impervious to being burned by hot cookware. Even when open flames are held underneath this material, it doesn’t melt, because it’s actually formed by extreme heat and pressure beneath the surface of the earth.

Most natural stone must be sealed to make it impervious to water damage, but granite is so tough, it’s even naturally resistant to water all by itself. For this reason, it’s a perfect addition to bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and any other room where moisture, humidity, or spills might be an issue for other materials. What’s more, with a neatly polished finish, even the busiest room in the home is no match for the durability of this material.

In addition to using slab granite for your home’s flooring, you can also use it to create matching countertops. On the other hand, the two needn’t match exactly. No matter colorations you find in granite, you’ll see that they always complement one another. That means you have a light color on one, and a dark color on the other, and still have a gorgeous outcome.

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