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Tile outlet offers a complete selection of affordable tile materials for home remodeling and provides professional installation

Tile Outlet carries the area’s most complete selection of tile materials for diverse home remodeling applications as flooring, bathroom surrounds, counters and more. These include ceramic & porcelain tile and glass tile.

Ceramic tile is a simple, beautiful material for flooring. It comes straight from Mother Earth and is a very popular choice for family homes. Tile Outlet supplies and professionally installs ceramic tile for homeowners in Carson City, Glen Brook, South Lake Tahoe, Boca, Lakeridge and other nearby Nevada and California border area communities. Our professional installation ensures that your tile will look its best and last for many years. Every member of our installation team is State licensed and insured to work in residential and commercial settings.

Benefits of ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is so popular simply because it is easy to install, maintain, and low in total project cost. Moreover, today’s ceramic tiles are available in more styles and sizes than those of yesteryear, so it’s relatively easy to select products that will complement or enhance your new or existing interior décor.

  • Less cleaning time – You will reduce cleaning time in half when you install a hard surface floor covering such as ceramic tile. This flooring product can handle just about any amount of wear in the home. It strongly resists stains and won’t hold on to mold or mildew. Bacteria can be washed away with any household cleaner, because ceramic tile will not break down when exposed to acids. There is no odor to tile and all it takes is a broom and damp mop to keep your floors clean.
  • Better interior design - Many of the ceramic tiles that are naturally colored offer soft colors such as white or taupe. However, colorful glazes can be applied to the surface of these ceramic tiles to deliver bright colors and interesting patterns. There are nearly limitless styles, shapes and size combinations for homeowners to select from. Ceramic tile floor covering can work for your home remodeling whether you are seeking a new design, or just want to compliment an existing design. Naturally, prices will vary based upon designs, sizes, and the grade of tile that you finally choose.
  • It’s eco-friendly – If the environment concerns you, go green without sacrificing your lifestyle. Ceramic tile is considered a ‘green’ material because it is made from renewable resources. It is a readily available material that has no harsh chemicals. Its manufacturing process does not significantly add to pollution.

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Porcelain tile

Porcelain tile isn’t just used in bathrooms any longer, it is ideal for any room in the home. You can find a broad selection of affordable styles, colors and sizes at Tile Outlet. You also find that the manufacturers we work with offer reliable warranties on their products.
There are quite a few reasons to choose porcelain tile for your floor covering. Here are a few unexpected benefits you can realize:

  • Durability - Porcelain tile is one of the most durable floor coverings that you can install. Its surface is hard enough to withstand constant heavy foot traffic. It will never dent, gouge, or wear down. Scratches are exceedingly rare, as are stains. Moreover, fire can’t burn it, and water will not cause it to warp or buckle.
  • Easy care - Are you a homeowner with an active lifestyle? If so, porcelain tile could be just right for you. It will never need sanding or refinishing, waxing or sealing. All it takes to keep porcelain tile clean is a broom and a damp mop. You can even use a steam mop to sanitize it in an eco-friendly way. You’ll be able to spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing, or doing things that you enjoy!
  • Promotes Health - Allergies and asthma can be serious problems, if you have carpeting or other soft-surfaced flooring materials. But not with Porcelain tile flooring. Pollen and dust can get caught in carpet fibers and pet dander can be disturbed as people walk across soft floors. Porcelain tile, however, has a solid surface that will never captivate allergens. It can also limit or even prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. All of these factors can cause illness and breathing difficulties. Porcelain tile will prove to be a healthier material for every room in the home.
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