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Tips for choosing countertops to match your flooring

When you want the perfect kitchen and bathroom countertops, you want them to match your decor. This is especially true with flooring and the style you may already have.

It's easier to match countertops and flooring with just a few ideas. Here are some tips for getting the look you want and need for your home.

There are no specific rules

It's important to know that countertops and floors don't have to be the same color. But enlisting a design scheme that allows them to work well together is essential.

Consider complementing and contrasting

Complementary porcelain and ceramic colors sometimes work better than matching, especially for modern looks. In addition, creating light and dark schemes can offer a lot of depth and warm the room.

If using patterns, be sure that they don't clash with one another. An eclectic scheme can manage a lot of contrasts, but not all designs can do that.

Consider using accent colors

Consider adding accents if you want to add more color or variety to your design scheme. Accents can involve a third color that gives a pop of life, especially in neutral spaces.

Accenting helps break up a design, and the colors of laminated countertops should draw from other pieces in the room. Choose colors from lighting, appliances, handles, and cabinetry.

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