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Luxury vinyl flooring FAQ

As you prepare to buy the best luxury vinyl flooring for your home, we know you'll have some questions. So, it's worth your time to find out as much as possible before committing to a product.

These floors are durable, good-looking, and offer a reasonable lifespan. But there's much more to know about them.

Frequently asked questions about luxury vinyl flooring

Is luxury vinyl plank flooring durable?

Luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring are very durable. They stand up well to wear and offer a lifespan that can reach 20 years or more with proper care.

Are luxury vinyl floors waterproof?

Waterproof vinyl flooring
is entirely impervious to water, even in flood conditions. They will serve you well with protection from spills, dampness, humidity, and moisture.

Will luxury vinyl match my unique decor?

One of the best things about luxury vinyl flooring is it has looks for everyone. Some products mimic wood, stone, and tile, while others offer a more artistic design.

How do I keep these floors clean?

A broom and damp mop are usually enough to keep luxury vinyl flooring looking new. You can warm water and any manufacturer-recommended commercial cleaner.

Can I steam clean my luxury vinyl flooring?

We advise against steam cleaning of any kind, as most manufacturers do as well. While the flooring is waterproof, it doesn't perform well under excessive heat.

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