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Is there a difference between luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile?

Luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile are the same product apart from format. As a result, you'll find the same characteristics and attributes in each product line.

Today, we?re going to tell you more about these floors and their profiles. Read along for information that could help you find the perfect flooring.

Are luxury vinyl products different?

The primary difference between vinyl tile and vinyl plank is the format. However, some homeowners choose a specific form to create the look they want, and these options can help.

The same great visuals

No matter which product you select, you'll enjoy stunning visuals. Luxury vinyl flooring can mimic natural porcelain tile, solid hardwood, and all-natural stone, including colors and textures.

Trendy styles are always available to help keep you current. Enjoy a vast selection of customizable features for a great look in every room of your home, regardless of the existing interior design.

The same great durability

You?ll appreciate the extensive durability of luxury vinyl flooring that can help them last more than 20 years with professional installation. Scratch, stain, and dent resistance all work to keep these floors looking great.

You?ll also appreciate complete waterproof protection, even in flood conditions. That makes these products perfect for basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

Choose luxury vinyl flooring you?ll love

At Tile Outlet, we take luxury vinyl products seriously. We put our experience, training, and inventory to work for you for results that will serve your household well.

Our team is standing by to help you browse our vast materials inventory. But we can also answer any questions you might have as well.

We cater specifically to Carson City, Glen Brook, Gardnerville, Minden, Village, NV, and South Lake Tahoe, CA. In addition, you can find our luxury vinyl flooring showrooms in Carson City, NV, and South Lake Tahoe, CA.
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