how to fix lvp flooring gaps Carson City, NV

Closing the Gap: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Fix LVP Flooring Gaps

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring is a popular choice for its durability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. However, like any flooring material, it may develop gaps over time due to factors such as temperature changes, humidity fluctuations, or improper installation. 

If you're dealing with gaps in your LVP flooring, worry not! In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how to fix lvp flooring gaps effectively, ensuring your floors look seamless and beautiful once again.

Understanding the causes of LVP flooring gaps 

Before diving into the solutions, it's essential to understand the common causes of gaps in LVP flooring. These gaps can be attributed to several factors, including:

Temperature and Humidity Changes: LVP is sensitive to temperature and humidity variations. As these conditions fluctuate, the flooring may expand or contract, leading to gaps.

Improper Installation: Incorrect installation techniques, such as inadequate acclimatization or failure to leave proper expansion gaps, can result in gaps appearing over time.

Subfloor Issues: An uneven or unstable subfloor can cause gaps in the LVP. Addressing subfloor problems is crucial for preventing recurring gaps.

Now that we know the potential causes let's explore the solutions to fix LVP flooring gaps.

How to fix gaps in lvp flooring

  1. Climate Control:
  • Solution: Maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level in your home. Use a humidifier during dry seasons and a dehumidifier in humid climates to keep the environment stable.
  1. Proper Installation: 
  • Solution: If the gaps are a result of improper installation, it's best to consult a professional. They can identify the installation issues and provide the necessary corrections to ensure a tight fit.
  1. Filler Strips:
  • Solution: Purchase color-matched filler strips or shims designed for LVP flooring. Carefully insert these strips into the gaps to close them. Trim any excess material for a seamless finish.
  1. Reinstalling Planks:
  • Solution: In cases of severe gaps, consider removing and reinstalling the affected planks. Use a pull bar and tapping block to disengage the planks, and then reinstall them with the proper expansion gaps.
  1. Flooring Adhesive:
  • Solution: Apply a flooring adhesive designed for LVP along the edges of the planks with gaps. Press the planks together and use weights to ensure a secure bond. Wipe away excess adhesive immediately.
  1. Seam Fillers:
  • Solution: Use seam fillers specifically designed for LVP flooring. Apply the filler into the gaps, ensuring a level surface. Sand down any excess filler for a smooth finish.
  1. Professional Assistance:
  • Solution: If DIY methods don't yield satisfactory results, consider seeking professional help. Flooring experts can assess the situation, identify underlying issues, and provide effective solutions. If you find out you are in need of new luxury vinyl plank flooring in Carson City, NV, give Tile Outlet a call and we can help you find the new floors for your home. 

Don’t be afraid to call in the LVP flooring experts!

Fixing gaps in your LVP flooring is a manageable task with the right approach. Whether it's addressing environmental factors, reinstalling planks, or using specialized products, there are multiple solutions available. However, for a foolproof fix, especially in complex cases, it's advisable to consult professionals who can provide tailored solutions.

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