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Should you be concerned with luxury vinyl expansion?

Luxury vinyl flooring
offers impressive benefits that will serve you well. It's an excellent choice for various rooms, with visuals and durability that fit you well.

When it comes to installation, you may have to consider material expansion. But there are ways to protect your floors even before they're installed.

Do luxury vinyl floors expand?

These floors contain air pockets, which can change with some factors. For example, humidity and temperature changes can cause them to expand, which can cause damage.

Bubbling, cracking, and buckling are common damages expansion can cause in vinyl plank and tile. But you can protect yourself against all these and more.

Acclimation is the key with luxury vinyl flooring

Before installation begins, acclimation should be your first concern. The process takes about 72 hours but alleviates the fear of expanding materials.

Acclimation equalizes humidity and gives your luxury vinyl flooring a chance to breathe. And it's a critical factor in the successful installation of your flooring.

What else do you need to know?

Luxury vinyl tile and plank are excellent choices for every room in your home. But a little work to ensure the best functionality is a great way to get started.

Professional installation and regular maintenance help to keep your floors in great shape. And if you have more questions, we have all the answers, so stop by any time.

We have your luxury vinyl flooring and more

At Tile Outlet, we care about the results your flooring brings into your home. We offer luxury vinyl flooring, services, and consultation that cater to your needs and preferences.

We serve Carson City, Glen Brook, Gardnerville, Minden, Village, NV, and South Lake Tahoe, CA. And we look forward to serving you too.

Visit our showroom in Carson City, NV, or South Lake Tahoe, CA, at any time to upgrade to luxury vinyl. We'll make sure you get the service you deserve.
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