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How to coordinate kitchen countertops with the backsplash

Kitchen countertops are easy to match with a new or existing backsplash material. All it takes is a bit of consideration for your decor and durability requirements.

While you can't?see?durability, it does play a vital role in the lifespan of your flooring. And the more materials last, the better they look.

Countertop options

There are plenty of countertop material options available to you. And these surfaces should be installed before backsplashes.

If you're installing granite countertops, you can never be quite sure where they will rest. Therefore, installing a backsplash first would be detrimental to the matching and appearance.

A perfect match or beautiful contrast?

Some homeowners prefer to match all the pieces in a kitchen remodel for mood, ambiance, etc. This is easy to do with colors complemented by highlights or the same hue variables.

But a well-thought-out contrast can be as effective for the best decor results. You can even create a mosaic backsplash or another unique but bold look for this space.

Consult with professionals

Solid surfaced countertops and tile backsplashes are a great combination. A design team can do so much in helping you coordinate your colors, patterns, and styles.

A good design team can create the perfect space with any decor. And it's worth your time to invest in this option.?

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