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What's the deal with luxury vinyl flooring underlayment?

When you choose luxury vinyl flooring, you'll hear lots of terms and benefits. One of the options you'll hear about is an underlayment.

Understanding this feature can mean a lot for your home and new flooring. So, here are some facts that will help you choose your best options.

Some underlayments are already attached

Some products save you the trouble of shopping for the perfect underlayment. They do this by attaching the underlayment to the product when it's made.

This is beneficial because you don't have to shop for or install it separately. Instead, we install the single piece as a whole with luxury vinyl flooring, and you get all the same underlayment benefits.

What to expect from your underlayment

These pieces are perfect for removing the hollow sound some floating floors have. It absorbs other noises, too, including footsteps, voices, and electronics.

The products are softer and more comfortable too. That means they're perfect for children's rooms and bedrooms, especially with area rugs.

Many underlayments include a moisture shield, giving you complete peace of mind. Even if you have a spill or leak, you'll see better results with the proper underlayment with waterproof vinyl flooring.

We can't forget that this is also a great way to hide subfloor imperfections. You'll see a smoother floor without any subfloor issues printed through on the surface.

Visit us for the best luxury vinyl flooring

Tile Outlet is a great place to find products that meet all your needs. And our associates bring years of experience to your remodel of any size.

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