As you search for your new kitchen and bathroom countertops, you'll find some need sealing and some don't. Natural materials often need sealing more than manufactured types.

The products that will best fit your needs are the ones that best match your list of requirements. Here are some facts that could help make your decision a little easier.

Which countertops don’t require sealing?

One of the most popular and affordable choices for countertops is laminated products, which bring stunning color and design. These materials look like marble, granite, and quartz, to name a few, and offer easy-to-clean surfaces that are stain-resistant and maintenance-free.

Laminated countertops never need sealing and offer special stain, mold, and mildew resistance. As you protect them from sharp knives and hot pans, you can see these surfaces last many years.

Which counters have to be sealed?

Popular countertop materials like granite and marble require sealing to meet their intended lifespan expectations. This sealing has helped them perform well for over 50 years, giving you stunning visuals the whole time.

Tile countertops may or may not need sealing, depending on your choices when choosing your surfaces. If you require absolute protection for your porcelain or ceramic countertops, seal the product and grout joints.

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