Luxury vinyl flooring
is a fantastic choice if you need durable floors. They offer layered construction with many benefits that work in every room of your home.

They also offer extended benefits that help create the flooring experience you need. And the more you know about your options, the better choices you can make.

The durability you need for the life you live

Luxury vinyl flooring offers impressive benefits if your lifestyle is busy and active. It starts with a layered construction that offers immense stability.

But the protective top wear layer on your vinyl plank protects you from all forms of wear and abuse. So, for lasting flooring, you'll see fewer scratches, dents, stains, and dings.

You'll also gain 100% waterproof protection from vinyl plank flooring. So, even in bathrooms and kitchens, your floors will perform very well.

Durability creates a more extended lifespan

Vinyl and particular core components come together to give you the best durability. And the more durable a floor covering, the longer it will last.

With professional installation, you could enjoy more than 20 years of lifespan. And you'll appreciate how great they look the whole time.

Luxury vinyl tile and plank offer benefits like a superb decor match and trendy options that keep you current. Be sure to browse all the visual choices you can access for the best results.

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