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How to choose colors for countertops

Choosing the best kitchen and bathroom countertops can seem like an overwhelming task. But with some help, you'll find results that will serve you well for years.

If you're working toward the best color, we have some tips to help. This is an essential part of your decor matching process, and your best results are closer than you think.

Consider your existing decor

The best place to start with your color choices is your existing decor. Specific benefits come to light when your counters match, compliment, or contrast.

Laminated countertops can match styles such as a farmhouse or modern mid-century, where specific looks will fit best. Floors in these styles mimic wood, stone, and porcelain tile and offer artistic options.

Are you building your decor from the ground up?

The sky is the limit if you have no existing decor scheme or style. For example, you can create counters as a centerpiece or part of a beautiful grouping.

Having no design scheme means you can browse all the appearance options available. And countertops have plenty of choices.

Appearances aren't everything

Even with the perfect color scheme, you'll need your ceramic countertops to cater to your lifestyle. In addition, some counters are more durable than others, so learn all you can.

Choosing the most durable counters also means they will last longer. Depending on the materials you pick, you'll enjoy them for up to 30 years or more.

We have countertops for every occasion

At Tile Outlet, we offer the best countertops for your remodel of any size. Experienced associates are standing by to ensure your best choices for your needs.

You'll get the best kitchen and bathroom countertops when you visit our showroom. From Carson City, NV, we serve communities like:

  • Carson City, NV
  • Glen Brook, NV
  • Gardnerville, NV
  • Minden, NV
  • Village, NV
  • South Lake Tahoe, CA
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