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Granite countertops and stains: Do they go together?

Many homeowners choose granite for their kitchen and bathroom countertops. It's a great choice, but the more you know about it, the better it will serve you.

If you choose these countertops for your home, it's worth learning more about them. They'll serve you well with their many benefits.

What you should know about granite countertops

Granite is an excellent material for countertops, especially because it's so affordable. But it also offers chip and scratch resistance and unique visual appeal.

As an all-natural material, granite requires sealing for the best stain resistance. And granite will need resealing about once a year to keep that protection.

Other countertop materials

Ceramic countertops are also popular for many homeowners. Their non-porous surface makes them exceptionally stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Laminated countertops are also stain-resistant and maintenance-free. The affordability makes it a perfect choice if stain protection is your primary goal.

How to choose the best countertops

Finding the best countertops with so many products to choose from may feel daunting. But as you consider your specific needs, those choices become easier.

First, think about your durability requirements and the use of these surfaces. Then consider your decor matching requirements for products that meet your needs.

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