Laminate countertops are often the first choice for any homeowner for bathroom remodels. The materials feature the construction of bonded plastics for no-maintenance surfaces.

You can cater to your budget with various price points and still get excellent results. And you're sure to love the practicality of the surface for various reasons.

Must-haves for your bathroom counter

Bathroom countertops demand specific characteristics, with no exceptions. The materials must be highly water-resistant or waterproof to start with.

Laminate is a good choice for this need, protecting you for years. But you'll want to be careful with curling irons, as the product isn't heat resistant.

Visual appeal is easy to manage with laminate so that you can match any decor. Take time to consider all the available colors and patterns for the look you need most.

What other options are suitable for bathroom counters?

Several options make a significant impact in the bathroom, including ceramic. However, the material must always meet your specific criteria to be the best choice.

If you need more visual appeal than durability, look for beautiful materials. But if durability comes first, be sure to consider only durable options.

Durability and good looks can go hand in hand with ease. Be sure to let your associates know what you need for direction.

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