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Are all solid surfaced countertops installed the same way?

When choosing the perfect kitchen countertops, you have the solid surface option. These counters are affordable, easy to fabricate, and mimic many different materials.

You might wonder if they're all installed the same way. Understanding this process can mean a lot as you pick the perfect options.

What are solid surfaced countertops?

Solid surfaced countertops feature a construction that includes marble and mineral dust. Pigments and resins are also part of the construction to mimic materials like marble and granite.

These come together to create an affordable, mid-range countertop. We can even resand these surfaces when necessary to extend the life of your countertops.

How are solid surfaced countertops installed?

Installing solid surfaced countertops requires precise measurements and cuttings. Cutouts are essential to accommodate your specific sink and faucet size and placement.
Some solid surfaced pieces use plywood pieces beneath. Corian-type counters are usually attached to the cabinets beneath them.

Countertop installation facts

Some materials can span more than 10 feet before support is necessary. So, it's also essential that base cabinets are level all the way across.

Our installation team has the experience and equipment to install your kitchen countertops. If you have questions about the process or the materials, be sure to ask an associate while you're here.

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When you visit Tile Outlet, you'll find we are ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. And part of that process is choosing a countertop that meets all your needs.

We cater to Carson City, Glen Brook, Gardnerville, Minden, Village, NV, and South Lake Tahoe, CA. We're ready to work alongside you as well for impressive results.

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